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  • Bodyboard

    Our bodyboards contain a wire mesh built into the bottom of the board that strengthens it and prevents it from bending and breaking. Aluminum rods provide the backbone of these boards, called stringers, and are built into the board for added durability and rigidity. Our leash includes multiple swivel points and are coiled to prevent them from getting tangled.
  • Surfboard

    Nine-foot foam surfboards are notorious for breaking, so we make sure to include all the best features on ours. They contain a wire mesh built into the bottom to add strength to the deck and overall board. They contain built-in triple stringers, which add to the stiffness of the board. You'll find they respond very well to your body movement and won't flex or bend around. The thickness of the board provides great floatation on the water. This gives you better stability and makes it easier to catch waves and paddle out. The leash is a little over 9 feet long, so when you wipe out, your board doesn't come knocking you in the head. This is the perfect board for beginners that want to build up their surfing skills!

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